Mamy Poko Pant Standard Style Small Size Diapers (11 Count)

  • easy to pull up like pants and easy to remove
  • Up to 10 hours of absorption
  • Soft Elastic, No Tapes - It is easy to fit and gentle on skin, It's breathable material keeps the baby fresh and comfortable
  • Soft leg gathers - Fits comfortably and prevents leakage

Size:Small  |  Unit Count:11

Product Description

MamyPoko Pants Standard now provides up to 10 hours absorption and comes at a budget friendly price too. With Soft Elastic and No Tapes, these diapers take care of your baby's delicate skin. Let your baby carry on with his/her natural movements comfortably by putting on Pant Style Diapers MamyPoko Pants Standard

From the Manufacturer

Keeps Skin Dry and Fresh

Let your baby enjoy peaceful nights with Mamy Poko Pant Standard Style Diapers. These diapers with maxi absorbent core keep the bottom of your little one gentle and dry for long hours. Using this diaper while your baby is at rest or play ensures total comfort and easy movement. There are soft leg gathers that efficiently prevent side leakage. Available in a pack of 11 diapers, the Mamy Poko Pant Standard style small diapers are offered at a reasonable price. Mamy Poko Pant Standard Diapers Small offer snug fit and are soft enough for the delicate skin of babies.

Flexible Design and Soft Material

Designed to keep little ones comfortable and fresh, Mamy Poko Pant Standard Style Small Size Diapers are made of breathable material and have soft stretch waist and sides. These diapers are easy to wear and can be removed when soiled by tearing away the side seams. Try Mamy Poko pants standard for your baby and keep him or her happy and feeling fresh throughout the day despite repeated wetting incidents. It quickly absorbs up to five glasses and is an ideal choice to offer your child an uninterrupted sleep at nights. However, it is essential to remove soiled diapers instantly to prevent germs or skin irritations.

  • Brand: Mamy Poko
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 4 to 8 kg
  • Count: 11
  • Offers long lasting dryness by absorbing up to five glasses
  • All-round wide band elastic for a comfortable fit.

Price : 89.00
Discount Percentage : 10%