Philips In-Ear Earphones (White) with Built-In Microphone


  • Ear caps come in a choice of 3 sizes - small, medium and large - for a personalized and perfect fit
  • Built-in microphones let you easily switch from music listening to taking phone calls, so you will always stay connected
  • Diaphragm: PET, Frequency Response: 11-22 000 Hz, Voice Coil: Copper
  • Cable Connection: Two parallel, symmetric
  • Philips vibes in-ear headphones house efficient drivers inside a compact design, they fit perfectly while pumping out clear sound and booming bass
  • An oval sound tube insert provides ergonomic comfort to fit the true shape of the ear

Ultra small, big bass Philips Vibes in-ear headphones feature oval tube inserts for comfort and vacuum metalized coating for sleek looks with extra protection.

Price : 490.00
Discount Percentage : 18%